A & T Woodcarving

Beautiful Homes

The Travel and Food pages on the site are from trips I took some years ago. They were a lot of fun and I hope to share some of that feeling with you. I’ve included a few pictures I took myself and a few I found on-line that did justice to things I have seen and the beauty there. I am not a professional photographer by any means and I hope you won’t be too critical of some of my pictures.

The blog posts are reserved for more recent and future traveling. There will be a lot of these. They will typically be smaller but I hope to share a lot of them.

So lets get started with a few pictures from Germany when I was in Bavaria.

Are you fans of architecture like we are

While in Germany I saw some of the most spectacular and original woodwork that I have ever seen. There are towns where every house is made of wood. Each has its own unique features and styles. It is truly remarkable and everyone should get to appreciate it.

An Agrell Carving

My desire here is to do a bunch of writing and post some pictures that will bring together many of the things that I have learned and seen throughout my travels. Keep your eye on it to track my progress. I hope you find it entertaining. The architecture in this picture is called an Agrell Carving.

Our Pictures and Stories

Our postings are the culmination of thousands of hours of wandering through streets and byways admiring and sampling fare. The house pictured here is one I found in Bavaria on my travels there.