I am a food and wine aficionado and would love to share my experiences with the cuisine from different countries I have been to. My experiences have been vast, from eating insects in China to the finest restaurants of Paris, and everything in between.

These experiences will also show up in the blog, along with pictures and recipes when I have them. This will grow over time.

Amsterdam Food

Are you interested in learning more about what to eat during your visit to Amsterdam? Do you want to eat like a local? If so, knowing what to look for and what to avoid is key.


There is a reason these are called “oil buns.” These are traditional treats enjoyed at the end of the year, that are deep fried and topped with powdered sugar. Just note – they pack a serious punch of calories. Some have dubbed these as the Dutch donut, but many believe they are much more filling than the donut.


Something that is a bit of a rarity outside of the Netherlands, it seems as though stroopwafels never really made it past the border of this country. These were even seen on TV in the Great British Bake Off. These are very simple and made up of a thin waffle that is sliced open and then filled with caramel. In some of the touristy shops, you can find options covered in chocolate or different types of candy.


If you are just out and about sampling the local beer or something stronger, nothing will help keep your hunger at bay quite as well as a bitterballen. These are small croquettes that are often served with mustard. The food is deep fried and made with beef ragout; however, you can find options made with duck, goat cheese, mushrooms, and shrimp.


This is a great snack made with mung bean flour and packed full of spices and herbs. You can find these at almost any festival in the area. They will be cut open like a sandwich and stuffed with bakkeljauw and preserved salted cod.

When it comes to food, you are not short of options in Amsterdam. Be sure to try as many of these as possible to see which is your favorite.

Thai Food

Did you know that Bangkok has over 500K street vendors? While it is quite tempting to visit each one, this usually is not possible. Also, there are some that re more worth the effort than others.

Most of the street carts you find in Bangkok will specialize in the preparation and cooking of a single food, which means they likely do it really well. However, there are several vendors that have become masters of the trade and spend their life mastering their generations-old recipes.

Fishball Noodle Soup at Lim Lao San

When it comes to bowls of noodle soup, this humble street food stall is a must visit. In the soup you will find larger hunks of fish along with hearty fish balls. It is run by a brother and sister team and has been in place for over five decades.

Pork Noodles from Kway Tiew Heavy

Most people recognize this stall because of the chef who is running it – Ekkarin Sae-Guay – who is also called the Carabao Noodle Guy in the Thonburi area. This stall has earned the reputation of serving the best port noodles and belting out tunes by Carabao, a Thai rock band.

The Old-Town Thai Diner – Mit Ko Yuan

This is the oldest diner found on Dinso Road and a culinary institution is quite famous for the street food it serves. Here you can find an amazing fried rice and Chinese olives, which is made using an old family recipe. Another great option is the tom yum soup.

As you can see, there are an array of food options to consider when visiting Bangkok. If you are feeling adventurous, try out the options listed here, or try something you have never heard of before. Being informed will help you get the best food options in the area.

Australian Food

When it comes to food, you may be surprised about some of the options you will find in Sydney.

For example, if you love sushi, then the sushi in Sydney is unparalleled. It’s amazingly fresh and the location off of Pitt Street offers visitors conveyor belt sushi.

You can also visit one of the local pubs to get a Chicken parmy a.k.a. Chicken Schnitty, or whatever other name is used by the locals. This is great Australian pub food and something that every visitor should try. Essentially, what this is is a fried piece of chicken on top of a salad, served with steak fries.

Another great food option is Ogalo or Oporto. Both are Portuguese chicken fast food chains, but a great place to stop and get a bite to eat. If you are on a diet or just watching what you eat, you can visit Salad Sumo, which provides a huge selection of fresh salads. The soups they serve are great too. You can also find an array of Asian food around every corner.

If you are from the West Coast are or if you are dying for an In-N-Out Burger-esque meal, try Mary’s in Newtown, which offers a legit burger that is almost a carbon copy of your favorite chain. However, there is one chain that does not offer the flavor you are searching for – Hungry Jacks. This is the Australian version of Burger King – it will not offer anything new or novel.

It is also important to note that there is not any ketchup in Australia – all you will find is tomato sauce. This is good news as high fructose corn syrup does not exist, which is awesome. The bread here will taste better but the ketchup thing may throw you off a bit.